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100 Favorite Things About Standing Stone (Part 1)

Bartender Mike DuBois at the Siskiyou Challenge

Last year, we started our blog to keep in touch with our community. We’ve written posts to highlight specialty beers, brewing, local producers, employees, seasonal happenings, favorite events and lots more.

We’ve made it to our 100th blog post and we thought we’d use the occasion to ask for feedback about what our community likes best about Standing Stone Brewing Co. The more we know about what our friends, employees and customers want, the more we can continue to deliver satisfaction at our restaurant and brewery.

For Part 1, here are 50 of our employees’ and customers’ Favorite Things About Standing Stone:


From the kids: The rootbeer!
~Shannon Clery

The candied walnuts on the house salad * That you support local kids’ events, like the Speech/Debate fundrasing poetry slam
~Jennifer Shaffer Bagshaw

The fried lemon rinds in the calamari * Tap water
~Tania Lola Rain

Mmmm...Marionberry Cobbler

The whole concept of Standing Stone *Everyone here is a part of the greater Standing Stone family * This business is always moving forward
~John Freedom

Marionberry crisp…get it every single time I’m there! Mmm
~Jane Verdurmen Peart


SSBC generously gives each employee a meal and a beer every shift that an employee works. Thank you! * The warmth and camaraderie shared by the staff * Nettle pizza in the springtime * Our ginormous bike rack that is so very often full
~Carla Anderson, host and server

Amazing bosses! * The food is as local and organic as the people who work here
~Carolyn Stone, server

We’re all a family * We’ve all got each other’s backs
~Jeff Hunt, line cook

SSBC babies, Welsy and Lucas (photo: Rob Koning)

How progressive Standing Stone is – thinking outside the box seems to be a norm around here * Our Double IPA customers. We pour their beer before they even have to ask * We proudly serve Noble Coffee
~Meg Dias, server

That I want to come hang out at Standing Stone on my days off! * Our regulars begin to call staff by their nicknames * We provide delicious fresh seafood that is also as local as we can get it * Our SSBC babies, Wesley and Lucas * All the staff are really, really, ridiculously good-looking * Sunday post-work BBQ and horseshoes!
~Sarah Goldberg, server

How green our company is. I like to tell people about all the things we do* We compost * We have our own eggs and meat * We get local produce from local farmers * I love all the people I work with
~Dylan St. Claire-Bates, server

It’s a fun place to work * We get free beer!
~Michael Nelson, host and server

Our employee Christmas party * The beer * My regular bar customers – John Freedom, Charles, Tom, Mike, and Fred * All the hot babes that come in to see me
~Mike DuBois, bartender

It’s my home away from home
~Amanda Schumann, server

The people * The food
~Don Stoudt, accountant

The toy area* The breakfast burrito on Saturday mornings * Mike’s late-night music selection * Impromptu employee dancing and singing in the back * Sienna’s beautiful chalkboards
~Rachel Huntley, events coordinator

My SSBC commuter bike!
~Gina Velando, bartender

Team Standing Stone at the Siskiyou Challenge 2010

They support their employees’ extracurricular interests, like sponsoring my triathlon races and supporting Lindsey’s yoga program * The owners have a great relationship with their employees
~David Conley, server

Our rooftop herb garden * Delia, our hard-working dishwasher
~Rob Koning, server

Stay tuned for the next 50 favorites from business partners and community members. Feel free to add a comment with your own favorites. We love hearing about what’s important to you so we can keep our community happy.

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