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Beer Name Debut: Twin Plunge Double IPA

_GEO8938_edited-1Good beer deserves a good name, and after 16 years of serving pints and pitchers of our most popular brew, we’re unveiling a fresh, new name for our long-beloved Standing Stone Double India Pale Ale: Twin Plunge Double IPA. We feel this special ale deserves its own label, and after much brainstorming we landed on a name that reflects our desire to plunge into a tasty pint.

Twin Plunges was the name of the spring-fed, side-by-side pools in Ashland, OR where the Ashland Food Co Op stands today. These pools opened in 1931 and the facility was a major attraction to locals and tourists alike until they closed in 1977 due to maintenance costs and vandalism. The dual pools served as a refreshing summer getaway in Southern Oregon, and we like to think our Double IPA is similar: an exciting break from conventional beer, with invigorating bitterness from a double dose of delicious dry hopping.


(photo: Rogue News Online)

About the Beer

This hoppy ale shows light copper color, medium body and refreshing bitterness. The ale is dry hopped twice, first with Cascade and Centennial hops for a citrus and fruity character, and then with whole leaf Amarillo in the serving tank to ramp up the floral aroma. 8.1% abv, 55 IBU


• Organic 2-row

• Organic Munich

• Dextrose

• Organic C-60

patio serve Hops

• Bittering = Apollo

• Kettle Flavor/Aroma = Cascade, Liberty

• 1st Dry Hop = Cascade, Centennial

• 2nd Dry Hop = Whole Leaf Amarillo

Food Pairing Suggestions

This big, hoppy beer pairs well with bold, full-flavored foods. The astringency of the hops will help cut richness between bites, refreshing the palate with each sip. The hoppiness will intensify spicy heat if you’re looking for an extra kick, so try with Buffalo wings or chili peppers to go the extra mile. Here are our food pairing suggestions from our menu:

  • Spicy Thai Curry


    (photo: Rogue News Online)

  • Italian Sausage Pizza with Pepperoncinis
  • Buffalo Wings
  • Guacamole Burger
  • Lamb Pita
  • Grilled Reuben Sandwich

Hop heads and India Pale Ale enthusiasts, come in and enjoy our much-loved Double IPA with its brand new name! It’s the same fresh and hoppy brew, just a splash more fun.