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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Celebrate With Greener Cuisine

St. Patrick’s Day encourages us to break out our green. We think it’s a fine idea to keep this spirit up everyday.

Green – while certainly a color of many foods – is also how many folks talk about for sustainable, responsible ways of living and doing business.

Awareness and action are both important to help make this happen, and we do our part to work on these everyday. We think about this a lot in relation to food, since we serve lots of tasty fare from our kitchen, and savor foods of our own creation daily.

There’s certainly a lot of information to sift through to identify more sustainable foods…and there’s no single definition. We’ve made it a priority to form relationships with food producers and  vendors, and ask about their practices. We also check out their websites, and stay updated on important issues through sources like Grist.

When we are aware, we make smarter more informed choices. Our choices affect not only us – they affect everyone. When we choose a burger that’s made with grass-fed beef, we’re enjoying something that much tastier and healthier, and supporting a hardworking farmer that cares for the environment and their cattle. Here at Standing Stone look for ingredients that are as local and regional as possible, produced organically, made without synthetic agricultural chemicals or hormones, humanely raised and provided by companies that uphold good social, environmental and labor practices.

So this St. Patty’s Day, and every day, celebrate with ‘green’ food. We’ve got lots on our menu to help you there. These choices help bolster our economy and personal wellness while helping the planet. Yum!

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  1. Thanks Vera. Growing your own is a good way to start. Do you have your own garden or space for one, or even a sunny space for containers? Also, when shopping choose whole foods like fresh produce and bulk grains, nuts and legumes, which are more cost effective. Farmers Markets often have good prices since the farmers sell directly. Our local co-op has great recipes for fresh, whole foods online at Cheers – and thanks for reading!

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