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Happy Birthday, Alex!

Today, August 1st, is the birthday of Standing Stone Brewing Company’s co-owner Alex Amarotico. Happy Birthday, Alex!

To pay tribute to our beloved friend and terrific employer, we’d like to share some photos of Alex and say “thanks” for all that he does. From restaurant manager, fix-it guy, construction guru and beer enthusiast to sustainability advocate, local producer advocate, burgeoning farmer and so much more, Alex wears many different hats around here (and hairstyles, too, for that matter).

He’s also a true community builder who’s active in the Ashland Chamber of Commerce and has served on the City Council. On top of all that, he’s a fabulous father to four amazing children and husband to Danielle, our dynamic co-owner.

Be sure to wish him a happy birthday next time you stop in, and feel free to post a comment below and on our Facebook Page for Alex, too!

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