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Smart Resource Use at Standing Stone Restaurant and Brewery in Ashland Oregon
Sustainability - Smart Resource Use at Standing Stone Restaurant and Brewery in Ashland Oregon

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r e d u c e our environmental footprint
r e u s e what’s left over and avoid single-use products
r e c y c l e by diverting recyclables we can't reuse from landfills
r e t u r n resources and support to the community, our employees and the earth

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Responsible and efficient resource use, and the protection of our shared environment, are priorities at Standing Stone. Here are some highlights:

Energy Use: Leaner & Greener

Because of energy-saving improvements we have made, the Oregon Department of Energy has called Standing Stone a leader in restaurant energy conservation.

Our heat exchange recovery unit routes waste heat from brewing and refrigeration to pre-heat water, yielding a cool 10 percent energy savings.

An adjustable, louvered awning above our back deck limits our concrete building’s absorption of the sun’s heat. This reduces our air-conditioning use during Ashland’s warm summers without blocking diners’ views.

We installed an innovative energy management system to coordinate operation and increase the efficiency of our heating, cooling and lighting systems.

We have an energy-saving variable-speed hood control system in the kitchen. This saves 22 percent of our natural gas and electricity combined, compared to standard restaurant fan systems that run at full speed consistently, affecting other energy systems and creating noise.

Our roof has a 4.6 kW solar system, which generates approximately 7,800 kWh of clean, local, renewable power and eliminates 10 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere annually.

Through our "RPM" program, we give employees free bikes if they agree to commute 45 times annually, saving significant fuel, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Our employees stay healthy and happy, too. Nearly 40 employees are participating.

We use an electric motorcycle to get eggs from our farm and transport tools there, avoiding petroleum use and vehicle emissions.

Resource Conservation and Zero Waste

We reduced waste to landfill by 95% in less than one year thanks to our employees' dedicated efforts to sort recyclables and compost, and finding outlets for materials local recyclers wouldn't take.

Our kitchen has a high-temperature dishwasher that reduces the amount of water and chemicals needed for rinsing and sanitation.

All of our kitchen scraps and spent grain are composted or fed to our flock of chickens, putting thousands of gallons of vegetable matter to good use each year.

Each month, we provide approximately 50 gallons of used vegetable oil to local biodiesel producers to reuse for fuel.

We use high-power air dryers in our restrooms, eliminating single-use paper towels to save forests and waste.

Our to-go containers are made of 100% renewable and home-compostable materials. We encourage you to compost them after use to help close the loop. Even better, bring a reusable container from home.

Serving Up Sustainability

Our craft beers and delicious food and drinks are infused with health and environmental consciousness, offering the best for everyone. We seek to use local, regional and organic ingredients as much as possible, and support farms that use humane animal care practices. In 2010, we began raising chickens and in 2011 we started our own farming operation, where we have egg and poultry chickens, cows and sheep. You'll see these featured in our menu items and specials. Learn more about our .


We've made many gains thanks to some great partners. We're part of the City of Ashland Green Business Program, which has provided audits, metrics and support to improve our resource efficiency, environmental impact and costs. Fellow members like the Ashland Food Cooperative also share ideas and inspiration.

We worked with SOLARC Architecture and Engineering, Inc. on a facility-wide audit to identify ways reduce our energy demand and generate renewable energy. Several recommended improvements have already been implemented, which cut our natural gas use by approximately 40 percent and reduced our electricity use notably as well.

Each year, we participate in the Bicycle Transportation Alliance's "Bike Commute Challenge," and Go Rogue Valley's "Bike to Work Week," and use their resources to advance two-wheeled transit among employees and our community. We're also part of the League of American Bicycles' program (Silver level).

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